Best ways to learn Portuguese for IT specialists

How to attend Portuguese classes online if you are still practically zero? How long will it take to start learning Portuguese?
How IT specialists learn Portuguese
It is one of the first questions anyone interested in learning a language asks, and unfortunately, there is no simple answer to it. It is a complex process that is individual for each person, depending on various factors. You will find it easier to learn Portuguese if you already speak a foreign language or were raised in a bilingual environment. Linguistic studies show that people who speak other languages find it easier to learn a third language.

In any case, Portuguese is very well structured, with many loanwords from other European languages ​​that are known as cognates. Perhaps they will make learning much easier and faster. Teaching methods play an essential role in how quickly learning progresses. If language acquisition is limited to classroom activities, it will probably take longer. It will reduce learning time if you make Portuguese a part of everyday life, including reading, listening to audiobooks, and the radio. Extending it to watching movies and TV series, traveling to Portugal or Brazil, and all the modern technology for learning languages ​​that the Internet offers.

Start Attending Courses

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​uses the “Guided Learning Hours” structure to estimate the total class time required to reach level B2. For every hour of class time, students are expected to spend two hours of independent study time. As a result, it is from 1000 to 1200 hours.

Get a Tutor

To truly learn a language, you need to pay equal attention to vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening, which many online programs fail to do. The main goal of learning a language is to say it fluently. Therefore, it makes sense to find a tutor, such as making friends on social networks who know Portuguese, talking to yourself – most importantly, do not sit silently at the computer! The tutor will create a lesson plan for you that does not consider relativity or spontaneity, and it will be easier to tailor each lesson to your wishes or needs. You can interrupt the teacher and ask to explain something that you do not understand.

Communicate With Portuguese People More

Regardless of which method you use, perhaps it will be a classic “paper” version, namely a self-instruction manual or a textbook; motivation, diligence, and regularity are the necessary conditions. There is no magic program, website, teacher, or strategy that will magically make you fluent in Portuguese in just a few weeks or even months.

But all languages ​​are in a state of constant transformation, with new references to pop culture and idioms. And even with thousands of language learning resources on the Internet, nothing beats a natural person to make sure you learn how to say “cool” correctly and avoid awkward, albeit technically correct, phrases.

Use Application

The apps have taken the world by storm. More than one million users have chosen this addition to the gadget as a training program. The difference from the previous application is that here you can simultaneously memorize four foreign dialects: French, German, English, and Spanish. It will teach you to perceive information by ear, visually, and the correct pronunciation of words. For positive results in training, you get reward points that will be available in the world ranking. The improved training offered by the developers reduces the period of learning languages ​​by ten times compared to courses at school or university.

Use Other IT Services

Another service allows you to learn a language through communication with native speakers. Choose an interlocutor, ask him questions and get a living language. Questions can be requested using pictures or words. It is an excellent auxiliary tool where you can get a prompt answer to exciting questions about the meaning of words and idioms.

By the way, the application will be relevant for those going on a trip. You can contact people living in the country you need, ask questions about the upcoming trip, possible vacation options, entertainment, or surprises that may lie in wait for you.

One of the most effective ways to learn Portuguese for IT specialists is to start learning independently. Keep going, and you will get accurate results.