B Barun uses OpenText technology to drive digital transformation

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German medical and pharmaceutical device company B Braun Melsungen AG has expanded its use of OpenText technology to advance its digital strategy.

Using OpenText Content Suite, B. Braun is able to optimize the flow of information for more than 30,000 users and improve cooperation across all its locations.

B Braun, which has 56,000 employees across 64 countries, who use their knowledge to improve processes in hospitals and medical practices, enhancing the safety of patients, doctors and nurses.

B Braun has relied on OpenText for 20 years to manage the ever-growing volume of digital content and processes. With the addition of OpenText Content Suite, B. Braun can automate invoice processing, generate reports and cut the time and costs associated with handling legal documents, all while helping B. Braun meet its compliance requirements.

“With OpenText at the center of our digital transformation strategy, we can digitize our administrative processes and optimize the flow of information across the company. In this way, we improve collaboration between our team across the world while also maintaining full control over our content,” said Steffen Epple, head of Enterprise Architecture, License and Partner Management at B. Braun Melsungen AG.

B Braun uses OpenText technology in key areas of data processing. Every step of product development, testing and production, and distribution is recorded and made available to the supply chain.

Using OpenText Regulated Documents and OpenText Template Workspaces, each employee, anywhere in the world, can access the latest version of the required documents.

B Braun has processed more than one million invoices with OpenText Invoice Management for SAP Solutions, with more than 10 percent handled automatically.

The company also states that with the time and cost savings, the project is expected to pay for itself within two years. OpenText Workspaces also provides significant time savings in the handling of legal cases.

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