APUS to invest Rs 100 crore in Indian start-ups

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APUS Group announced its plans to invest Rs 100 crore in Indian start-ups at their early stages.

These programs will range from providing incubation to free APUS traffic.

APUS will offer an open platform to all the start-ups, and will aim to deliver the right guidance and resources till the time they gain enough exposure in their targeted markets.

APUS has already invested in iamWire, a digital platform covering start-ups in India.

APUS Group is a top 10 developer on Google Play. APUS Group develops critical system apps for Google Android users, including APUS Launcher, APUS Search, APUS Browser, APUS Headlines, APUS Discovery, APUS Know, and APUS Message Center.

“We at APUS Group are confident the Indian economy and start-ups will forge a mutually beneficial bond. We had similar situation in China three to five years ago and India represents an important market for us,” said Li Tao, founder and CEO of APUS Group.

APUS Group has more than 25 million users from India currently. APUS targets 80 million by 2016 by setting up a local operation centre for India market. More than 90 percent of APUS launcher users are overseas, and the app is available in 25 different languages.

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