Apple hires venture capitalist Josh Elman to expand App Store business

iPhone maker Apple has hired venture capitalist Josh Elman to expand its App Store business amid the controversy surrounding the developer fee and an ongoing legal battle with Epic Games over the removal of Fortnite game.
Apple HQ
“I’m joining Apple to work on @AppStore and help customers discover the best apps for them,” Josh Elman said in a tweet late on Monday.

“I’m excited to get to build ways to help over a billion customers and millions of developers connect, Josh Elman added.

His appointment comes at a time when Apple’s dominance of the App Store has been called into question by critics, rivals and regulators, reports The Verge.

Josh Elman is previously a board member of and investor in Houseparty, the chat app acquired by Fortnite creator Epic Games.

Epic is currently suing Apple over the removal of Fortnite from the App Store in August this year.

Apple last month unveiled a developer program that will charge 15 percent commission from small businesses that earn up to $1 million in revenue from January 1. Earlier, Apple’s App Store charged 30 percent standard commission for paid app revenue and in-app purchases.

Apple has also extended its deadline for requiring in-app purchases for online group events within iOS apps from December to June 30 next year.

Apple earlier temporarily waived its customary 30 percent App Store fee on in-app purchases for paid online events by small businesses on Facebook.

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