Accenture invests in SOASTA, to offer digital solutions

Accenture Digital
IT services provider Accenture and SOASTA decided to work together to provide digital performance management solutions.

The agreement is expected to allow clients to increase end-to-end performance of their web sites and mobile applications.

“The speed of digital and mobile is a game-changer, leading businesses to embrace agile, high velocity application development,” said Paul Daugherty, chief technology officer, Accenture.

Under the deal, Accenture will recommend its enterprise clients to advise SOASTA on their product roadmaps. Accenture will also become a reseller for SOASTA products and will provide solution development support.

Tom Lounibos, CEO and co-founder, SOASTA said performance is critical and providing a better customer experience is the only way to win in the hyper-competitive online marketplace.

In addition, Accenture has made a minority investment in SOASTA. Terms of Accenture’s investment were not disclosed.

On Tuesday, Accenture has launched Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform, designed to support the healthcare system. The platform, which is a suite of integrated cloud-based, analytics-driven technologies, will enable life sciences companies to provide complete awareness of illness and treatments to patients.

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