75% of auto-buyers believe in shopping online

The majority of auto buyers in US consider make car selection, price negotiation, financing, back office paperwork and home delivery completely online, according to Accenture survey.

According to the survey, 75 percent of respondents feel comfortable and secure for online shopping as they need to drive anywhere for the same.

Online shopping for a vehicle is efficient, convenient and safe like shopping online for home and office appliances.

Online vehicle buyers have all options like variety, price, savings, quality and also quantity without any stress or pressure.

This apart, online auto sellers and online auto auctioneers require no expensive showroom or service bays and can sell vehicle with less number of staff while avoiding extensive and expensive overhead.

Additionally, Cars-Liquidation.com and RepoKar.com are creating more modern and effective model for Online Auto-Purchasing (online auto-buying) world.

Online Auto buyers

Also, Cars-Liquidation.com and RepoKar.com will unveil their project on a new way of leasing automobiles via online also.

The survey also mentioned that the industry sell about 17 million of late model used cars annually which had a shortage in the market.

Meanwhile, Toyota announced plans to launch its online shopping tool in six to 12 months in order to simplify car buying through online and mobile tools.

Shilpa Khatri

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