5 mobile apps that will help you save money

In these difficult financial times, saving money has become more important than ever. Luckily, thanks to the Smartphone, plenty of apps are available to make the task easier.
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In this article, we’ll look at five great apps that will assist you with some of the challenges you’ll face when striving to save money.

#1 TopCashBack

TopCashback is an excellent way to earn cash back when shopping online. The app has agreements with many top online outlets such as eBay, Experian, and Apple. And the app features a whole host of sectors, such as electricals, fashion, and finance, to name a few.

To use it, simply connect the TopCashback app to the store, and purchase the item. The retailer pays TopCashback a commission, a portion of which is credited to your app account. The amount varies from store to store and the size of the purchase.

Voted the top cashback app for the year, with 17 million members worldwide and over 5000 brands, this app is well worth downloading. When in the market for a product and looking to buy something, it’s always a good idea to receive a discount and save money.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS and Android

#2 Honeygain

To the people who find themselves with unused Internet bandwidth at the end of the month, why not make use of it and earn some passive income in the process? It’s a good option for those with unlimited data plans, and is a decent way to make a little extra money.

Through the Honeygain app and its proxy network, businesses access your internet for their legitimate use. Usage might include verifying ads, delivering content, and price comparison use.

Honeygain deals with respectable and well-known companies and continually monitors activities on the network to ensure user safety. For allowing Honeygain to access unused bandwidth, you can earn $3 per 10 GB of data supplied. The third-party Tipalti handles the payouts with a minimum payment of $20.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS and Android

#3 Mint

Mint is a top-rated budgeting app. It allows a person to connect all their financial accounts in one space to understand their financial situation better.

It enables the individual to track saving and spending. It helps people set budget targets, including saving money. Additionally, the Mint app has a whole raft of features, including access to credit monitoring and credit score tools.

For any banking app, security is key concern. The app uses multi-factor authentication, encryption, and many security protocols to keep its users from harm’s way.

Using a budgeting app such as Mint is a great place to start for anyone wishing to save money. Overall, the app is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to get a better handle on their finances.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS and Android

#4 RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a coupon app and website that acts as a coupon aggregate. The app finds coupon offers and makes them available to consumers. Providing coupon codes for a huge number of online stores, the app offers the user the opportunity to gain sizable discounts on their purchases.

Coupons are available for many sectors, including beauty products, clothing, electronics, and travel. As well as a coupon app, RetailMeNot offers cashback for numerous retailers. Companies such as Nike, Macy’s, and Gap are a few of the big-name outfits on RetailMeNot offering cashback anywhere from 1% to more than 10% of the purchase price.

RetailMeNot is one of the biggest companies of its kind, and the app is worth giving a try.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS and Android

#5 Digit

Digit is an app that helps people to reach their savings goals. It works by connecting to the bank account and automatically saving small amounts of cash and holding it in a savings account until the person decides to use them. Thanks to sophisticated machine learning, it understands spending habits to ensure the app only saves what you can afford.

It’s possible to use the app to create as many saving pots as an individual requires. For example, there could be a section for an emergency fund, retirement fund, home down payment, etc. The app places funds into the savings account daily, making the saving process automatic and effortless.

Price: Free for the first six months, then $5 per month.

Platforms: iOS and Android

Closing Thoughts

Saving money is, no doubt, a difficult task for many people. But there are a plethora of smartphone apps to assist. The five listed here are excellent tools and are highly recommended by millions of users.

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