5 fun word Apps to improve your vocabulary easily

Are you looking forward to expanding your vocabulary? As you have stumbled across this post, I guess the answer is yes. Improving vocabulary in the traditional way is boring, and perhaps that is the reason why we do not want to engage with it. Now there are plenty of mobile apps and games that serve as a powerful tool for improving vocabulary. Learning vocabulary through games makes it easier to understand a word effortlessly and helps you to remember it too.
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#1 Vocabulary.com

It is available both as websites and apps, and even though it can be used to find meanings of new words, one can also use it for playing vocabulary games. Vocabulary.com features daily vocabulary games and as the players keep playing more games on this website/app, the overall score of the player increases and along with that, the players also get to earn more badges too. While learning new words, you also get to create your very own list, too and then later, whenever you are free, you can practice the words you have included in your list.

#2 Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

Even though Magoosh is designed with a vision to help the students clear their English exams, it can also be used by people who want to improve their vocabulary. The app consists of thousands of words that you can master. Each word comes with definitions and sentences. Magoosh makes the users learn the new words in sets, and for unlocking a new set, it is essential for the users to master the words of the previous sets. The words available in Magoosh Vocabulary Builder are divided into basic, intermediate and advanced vocabulary sections. The users can also track their progress in learning new words too.

#3 Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a fun and popular word game which you can play with your friends. By participating in the weekly challenges, you also get to earn badges. If you do not have any friends with whom you can play the game, you can also participate in the solo challenge. While playing these word games with your friends, you might come across new words that will help you expand your vocabulary. The key to improving your vocabulary with Words with Friends is to look for the meaning of the new word that you have encountered in the game right away.

#4 English Crossword Puzzle

Solving the English crossword puzzle will challenge you with new words to use for learning them. The game supports four different versions: easy, normal, hard and very hard and comprises more than 400 plus offline puzzles too. If you are stuck with a particularly new word that you might or might not know, you can opt for hints by either choosing to open a letter or an entire word. The game also allows the users the option to ask a friend for help. English Crossword Puzzle is both fun and educational game that can use to improve your vocabulary with and without an internet connection.

#5 Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go is a classic word game that you can play with friends and family. The game supports four different modes: duels, word drop, tumbler and rush. While playing this game with your friends, you can also challenge them. If you often get stuck in Scrabble Go but have this desperate need to win, you can take help from Scrabble Word Finder, where you simply need to enter the letters available to you in the game and then click on Find Words. For playing the game like a pro, you should read books every day and keep improving your vocabulary. You can use the motive of winning Scrabble Go as a motivation factor for learning new words.

You can download any of the above games and apps and start playing to improve your vocabulary. Try to invest a few minutes every day in these apps and games, and you will see an improvement in your vocabulary in no time. Learning new words is important. It is more important to keep revising the word you have learned to remember it clearly. Do not forget to check the usage of the words that you have learned

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