TikTok technology focus

UK bans use of TikTok on government devices

British minister Oliver Dowden said the government would ban the use of TikTok on government devices, saying there was a risk about how sensitive...
Facebook Meta

Facebook-parent Meta cuts jobs of 10,000 employees in second round

Facebook-parent Meta Platforms has confirmed that it would cut 10,000 jobs, four months after sacked 11,000 employees. “We expect to reduce our team size by around...
IT network security issues

Discord to roll out AI-powered chatbot, messaging features

Chat app Discord said it will introduce new artificial intelligence (AI) features that can summarize long conversations or add decorations to a user’s avatar,...
Google developers

Google to promote less number of employees this year

Google has informed its employees via an email that it will promote less number of people to more senior levels this year as compared...
TikTok technology focus

TikTok reveals plans to start storing European user data

TikTok has announced a new data security regime, nicknamed “Project Clover”, amid growing pressure from lawmakers. The European Parliament, European Commission and the EU Council...
Digital platforms and their business

Australia starts examining the role of digital platform service providers

Australia’s ACCC said it will examine the role of digital platform service providers, like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft -- as...
Twitter developers

Customers of Twitter report several issues on social media platform

Customers of Twitter reported several issues on the social media platform -- from links not opening to images stopped loading and more -- as...
Online learning in education for students

Most helpful apps for students

Studying has never been easier! These days, students can find so much help online. Modern students should never have issues with organization, scheduling, or...
Laptop for online learning students

5 reasons students need technology in the classroom

Technology has revolutionized our lives and work, and education is no exception. Today, technology has become an essential part of the modern classroom, providing...
Engineering student

The guide to academic essays and how they are used in college

An academic essay is a type of writing in which the author develops an argument or position on a topic. The essay may be...



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