Zicom launches IP-based multi-apartment video door phones

Infotech Lead India: Zicom Electronic Security Systems has launched its IP-based Multi-Apartment Video Door Phones.

The video phone feature touch screen technology and HD supported 7-inch and 8-inch Indoor Units possessing clear image quality.

Apartment owners can interact with what’s displayed, rather than indirectly via a pointer controlled by a touchpad without any intermediate hand-held device. If an apartment owner isn’t at home, the SD card slot saves the visitor’s image.

“We are committed to providing holistic security solutions that help in ensuring overall security of our customers, while adding on to the aesthetic value of their homes,” said Pramoud Rao, managing director, Zicom Electronic Security Systems.

Both units can be used as a screen to view multimedia files and act as digital photo frames. The two-way visual intercom between flats comes with an in-built camera in the indoor unit. The unit supports audio conversation and allows residents to view each other during intercom calls.

Moreover, an in-built intrusion facility makes both products unique, supporting multiple alarms such as fire, glass break, smoke, motion and many more etc. Apart from recognizing visitors, such features ensure the premises are protected from various kinds of potential mishaps.

It can also support multiple outdoor units, making it ideal for an independent apartment, bungalow or villa to be deployed by individual families or as a measure of added security by the builders.

With a stylish touch panel, both units not only address home-owners’ security needs, but add aesthetic value with their classy appearance. The wall mountable indoor units need no stands and the water-proof feature protects them against water sprayed from any direction, further boosting reliability and efficiency while making home-owners feel totally safe.

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