Video firms move to Dell Precision workstations from Apple

Dell Precision workstations are gaining further acceptance among video, film and design companies. Some video production firms are moving from Apple to Dell.

The company said Dell Precision workstations assist them to produce 3D animation and visual effects for films like Gravity and TV show The Daytripper due to their blazing fast render times.

In addition, Dell Precision is powering the live-stream performances from FADER FORT, Adobe Digital Campground and South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Lounge.

“Our goal is to deliver the highest performing and reliable technology, so our film and video professionals can focus on their creative workflows,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, Dell Precision workstations.

The American devices vendor Apple is losing the business. For instance, video production companies including Sparksight, Fit to Tweet and Hogaboom Road moved from Apple hardware and software to Dell Precision workstations with Adobe Creative Cloud for smoother post-production workflows and performance optimization across professional applications.

Chet Garner and the production crew of the travel television program The Daytripper found that the available processor options and application optimization with Dell Precision allowed them to increase their performance levels in ways that weren’t possible with Apple’s specifications and cut their render times from two hours to twenty minutes.

Sparksight, an advertising agency focused on video production, event management and interactive design, recently made the switch to Precision workstations and has seen render times cut in half across the board, and in some cases up to three to four times faster.

Drew Wolber, director of Commercial Production, said, “The performance of the Precision machines is incredible. By cutting our workflow in half, we’ve not only been able to double our pipeline but also double our profits.”

Dell Precision workstations tapped by Gravity

Fit to Tweet, a video production company that provides real-time social content for corporate events, needs powerful systems to turn video, photos and other social content around to its clients as fast as possible.

Carlos Reina, co-founder of the company, says, “We’ve seen giant benefits from the switch, including significantly reduced render times that are critical for the way we do business. We are saving so much time. The first time I exported a video it was so fast that I assumed it was too good to be true. It wasn’t.”

Dell claims that Dell Precision M3800 performs video rendering up to 43 percent faster than Apple MacBook Pro.

Dell said its newest M3800 mobile workstation with Adobe Premiere Pro can perform video rendering tasks up to 43 percent faster than the 2013 Apple MacBook Pro and has up to 11 percent faster boot time.

Dell Precision M3800 QHD+ (3200 x 1800) touchscreen display has higher resolution than the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display and offers 33 percent more storage capacity at a significantly lower price point than a similarly configured system from Apple.

For producers seeking a larger screen for detailed work, the M3800 can be paired with the Dell UltraSharp 32 for viewing work in stunning Ultra HD clarity with high pixel density and exceptional color accuracy.

Framestore, which is responsible for Gravity, Iron Man 3,  McLaren F1 animated Tooned series and the title sequence for James Bond feature Skyfall, relies on Dell technology to create and manage extensive digital work with minimal downtime.

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