US PC Shipments Show Resilience, Anticipated Growth in Coming Quarters: Canalys

The latest report from Canalys reveals a notable trend in the US PC market for Q2 2023, indicating a moderate decline of 6 percent in overall PC shipments compared to the same period last year.
US PC market in Q2 2023
The market saw a total of 18.2 million units shipped, showcasing a significant improvement compared to earlier quarters in the year. The decline was attributed to reduced shipments in desktops, notebooks, and workstations.

HP (shipment of 4.833 million), Dell (4.813 million), Lenovo (3.019 million), Apple (2.310 million), and Acer (1.067 million) are the leading PC vendors in the United States in Q2 2023.

Notebook shipments, which include mobile workstations, experienced a relatively slight 4 percent decline, amounting to 15.2 million units. This sector found support from the resurgence of Chromebook demand in the education sector. Conversely, desktops, including desktop workstations, faced a steeper drop, with shipments declining by 12 percent to 3.0 million units. The tablet market also witnessed a modest decline, with shipments down 5 percent to 10.3 million units.
Forecast on US PC marketIshan Dutt, Principal Analyst at Canalys, highlighted the positive signs in the US PC market. He stated, “Despite a year-on-year decline, the US PC market displayed promising signs of improvement in the second quarter.” Dutt mentioned that pockets of demand strength were now reflecting in vendors’ shipment performance, notably driven by the education sector’s return in demand, supported by federal funding and impending licensing cost increases for ChromeOS.

Chromebook shipments saw a considerable increase, reaching 4.7 million units, the highest level since the peak deployments during the first half of 2021. The commercial sector experienced a slight 4 percent decline in PC shipments, while the consumer sector saw a larger drop of 10 percent. Consumers are prioritizing spending on other goods and services due to ongoing economic challenges.

Looking ahead, Canalys predicts a smaller decline of 4 percent in PC shipments for Q3 2023. However, the market is expected to bounce back with a significant 12 percent growth in Q4. Moreover, Canalys forecasts a 9 percent growth in the PC market for 2024 and an impressive 12 percent growth in 2025.

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