Troup County School deploys Dell laptops, dumping HP

Infotech Lead America: Troup County School System has deployed Dell laptops and desktops, dumping HP.

Dell says it supplied Latitude e5530 laptops, Latitude 6430 ultrabooks and Optiplex 3010 desktop computers across all 20 of its schools.

The deal is a major setback for HP that is struggling due to poor sales from PC business.

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Troup County School switched to Dell from their long-time commitment to HP in order to provide an increased amount of access to their nearly 13,000 students.

“Windows PCs have always been the most affordable, manageable and productive tools for our students to use,” said Josh Moneypenny, Technology Director of Troup County School System. “Dell’s combination of high-performance computers at an affordable price helps us provide more of our students and teachers the tools they need to make teaching and learning more interactive and engaging.”

The new computers will help Troup County School System align with the Common Core Standards, a mandate that aims to prepare students for the demands of the 21st Century workforce, adopted by the state of Georgia.

Troup County School System leveraged Microsoft Shape the Future program which lowered the cost of the computers’ software and operating systems to make it possible to increase the number of computers deployed on campus and improve access to digital learning.

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