Transcend launches SD/microSD memory card copy protection solutions

Infotech Lead India: Transcend Information has launched its SD/microSD memory card copy protection solutions.

Partially-protected and partially-free areas, read-only CD emulation, customized device security, compatibility and high capacity are some of the features.

For publishers of audio or video files, or educational institutions looking to distribute course material to students, SD and microSD memory cards present a portable and cost effective way to deliver digital content.

Transcend claims that its Copy Protection SD/microSD cards ensure the safety of valuable intellectual property by allowing access to media while preventing end users from making unauthorized copies.

When the protected data is deleted, the previously occupied capacity will be released as free space.

Transcend’s SD/microSD cards are available in a bundle pack with Transcend’s USB 3.0 RDF5 card reader that acts as the only key able to unlock the card, and therefore eliminate any potential threat should the data fall into the wrong hands.

Data can only be accessed when the SD/microSD card is inserted into the customized RDF5 card reader and connected to a computer. For an extra layer of security, SD/microSD cards can be pre-loaded with copy protected media and combined with the custom RDF5 card reader.

The compact dimensions and multi-platform compatibility of SD and microSD memory cards provide manufacturers of small form-factor devices with greater design flexibility and cost savings.

Transcend’s Copy Protection SD/microSD cards can be customized with a card ID that is locked to a vendor’s specific host device. This will restrict use of the card to only the device to which the card is locked.

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