Toshiba announces discrete semiconductor devices strategy

Toshiba has announced business expansion plans to provide discrete semiconductor devices in key markets.

The new devices will cater to key market segments like smartphones, tablet PC, wireless base stations, data centers and automobiles. The company is also offering solutions to address the requirements in the energy sector.

Toshiba’s small-signal device and OPTO device is gaining traction in key markets. The products are being delivered at full capacity at Toshiba manufacturing sites. The company now plans to further improve productivity by expanding the product line-up in high value-added areas, mainly in the industrial market, and to expand business by responding to market changes and expansions.

Under the Power Devices category, Toshiba will focus on MOSFETs to meet the demands from industrial markets in China and Japan. The company already won orders for automotive products. With its latest plan, Toshiba is planning to advance the capacity of the 200mm line in Kaga Toshiba Electronics and to provide solutions to customers.

Toshiba will also launch up SiC devices for high voltage and high frequency field, GaN power devices for super high frequency filed, applied GaN on Si technology for white LED. In another significant move, Toshiba will also collaborate with the in-house system companies.

Toshiba Discrete Semiconductor Business will anticipate future demands to achieve business growth in the global market, the company said.

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