To strengthen presence in hospitality industry, LG launches new Hotel TV series

Infotech Lead India: To strengthen its presence in the hospitality industry, LG Electronics has launched its Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TV series.

LG Electronics has launched its Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TV series

Leveraging Pro:Centric, hoteliers can easily customize the in-room experience, providing a convenient way to interface with interactive program guides and internet data feeds and connects customers to hotel services in and outside the guest rooms.
LG’s new Hotel TVs provide a customizable user interface (UI) for a tailor-made in-room experience, preloaded Smart TV applications, a suite of connectivity options that give guests convenient access to personal content, IP over Coax convenience, and an integrated set-top box to help reduce operating costs.

LG claims that it is the number one brand in the U.S. hospitality market.


“The latest TVs in LG’s hospitality lineup offer a comprehensive set of features for both hotel guests and hotel operators,” said Ki-il Kwon, vice president and Head of TV Overseas Marketing at LG Home Entertainment Company.


Both of LG’s Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TV series provide savings by reducing installation and management costs.


Moreover, the IP-over-coax functionality, included in the 760H models eliminates the need for investment in additional infrastructure to support Ethernet, while the built-in set-top box eliminates additional hardware expenses, reducing initial setup costs and long-term maintenance fees. Finally, operational costs are minimized as members of hotel staff are able to control the entire infrastructure via a central remote management system.


The LG Smart Hotel TV series employ the Pro:Centric applications platform, delivering support for HTML5 via an WebKit interface, Java and Flash, so system integrators, program providers and property owners can develop and provide a unique interface to guests.


Hotels can customize the UI to include branded information as well as practical features such as remote check-out and room service.

In addition to the customizable UI, guests will have a suite of connectivity options available at their fingertips with the LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs. Typical connections through USB ports and built-in WiFi are available in addition to smarter connectivity through SmartShare – a portal to transmit content via technologies such as Intel Wireless Display (WiDi), which allows content to be streamed from compatible devices.


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