Sprout by HP delivers 3D scanning capability

Sprout by HP will deliver 3D scanning capability offering simple, quick and affordable way to create 3D content.

The fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution consists of Sprout with its Intel Real Sense 3D cameras, the proprietary HP 3D Capture Stage and unique 3D capture software.

The 3D Capture Stage accessory ensures all aspects of the objects are captured as it tilts 15-degrees while turning while serving as a platform for the objects which are being scanned.

The new 3D Capture application creates a full 3D digital model by working with Sprout’s technology and is offered as a free upgrade to the current 3D Snapshot software.

The company said next automated update of the Sprout software will include a free version of the 3D scanning application that takes full advantage of the Sprout hardware.

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Users can share 3D objects online via email, post to Facebook or other social sites.

Additionally Sprout users can share 3D objects with a feature that lets others view and manipulate them in an online 3D viewer where they can rotate or resize an object to see multiple perspectives.

3D objects can also be printed using connected 3D printer and HP is also working with Dremel to provide an end-to-end scan to print solution with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer.

Users can purchase Sprout from retailers and resellers in the US will scanning software upgrade is free.

Company officials said the 3D Capture Stage accessory will be available in July for $299.

Shilpa Khatri

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