SMART Technologies launches interactive flat panel aimed at education sector

SMART Technologies has launched SMART Board8055i interactive flat panel aimed at the education sector.

The SMART Board 8055i features a HD, shadow-free 139.7cm LCD display with multitouch capability.

Moreover, it includes SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and access to the SMART Exchange website.

The new flat panel enables educators to connect, share and download nearly 60,000 digital resources.

SMART’s comprehensive line of interactive displays provides educators and administrators with the flexibility to meet the specific needs of individual classrooms and learning spaces to engage students and improve learning outcomes.

The company claims that the SMART Board 8055i is also the first interactive display to include presence detection, automatically detecting user movements for quick startup automatic shut-down, increased power savings and longer life.

The interactive flat panel uses DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology to offer an enhanced multi touch experience, while supporting freestyle interaction, touch gestures and object awareness enabling a collaborative learning experience.

The 8055i enables users to select, move or write over objects for increased interaction.

SMART plans to release SMART Board 8000 series interactive flat panels for education in larger sizes in the near future to offer educators a wider range of displays to support teaching, learning and collaboration.

“The introduction of this interactive flat panel expands our display line, offering educators flexibility and choice as they plan their teaching, learning and student collaboration spaces,” said Linda Thomas, vice president, Products, SMART Technologies.

“We will continue to develop and expand our line of displays, including our interactive projectors, in order to offer even more choice to our customers and strengthen our position as a leading provider of collaborative learning solutions,” Thomas added.

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