Samsung’s new SSD promises performance gain of 6 times and energy savings of 30%

Infotech Lead India: Samsung’s new SSD offers performance gain of 6 times and energy savings of 30 percent over other hard disk drives when clubbed data centers’ enterprise servers with SM843T SSDs.

Samsung’s new solid state drive (SSD), which is in response to customer demand, can be used in servers and storage in data centers including Big Data systems.

IHS says the SSD market is expected to reach approximately $10 billion in 2013, up 43 percent. The growth will be led by sales of enterprise SSDs which it expects will account for approximately 47 percent of the market in 2013.

“Samsung Green SSD products are widely acknowledged for their superior performance and quality design having contributed to data center system improvements and operational cost savings,” said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president, memory sales & marketing, Samsung Electronics.

The Korean company claims that the SM843T strengthens Samsung’s SATA interface enterprise SSD product lineup.

The new SSD is offering up to 960 GB of memory storage for faster and more efficient Big Data systems and cloud computing environments.

In addition, the SM843T offers the industry’s most advanced performance level for SATA 6.0 SSDs.

Moreover, the SM843T protects the most recent data being processed from a sudden power interruption, for enhanced system reliability.

The Samsung SM843T line-up boasts high performance and endurance levels, respectively, reaching up to 98,000 (sustained) random read IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and 20,000 sequential TBW (Terabytes Written) with the 960GB model, while providing an ideal environment for Big Data systems.

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