Samsung Techwin America unveils advanced  baby monitoring system

samsung baby video

Samsung Techwin America has expanded baby monitor portfolio with the addition of BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System.

The company said the latest baby video monitors include a portable 720p HD camera with a 5.0″ LCD color touch screen and intuitive controls.

These features will enable parents to conveniently monitor their children’s movements from a distance and allow users to freely pan, tilt and zoom to capture visuals of their toddlers from every available angle in the vicinity.

The BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System is also equipped with HD audio enhancements that will amplify how parents listen and speak to their newborns.

“Today’s tech-savvy parents are looking for the latest innovations to comfortably monitor their children,” said Richard Simone, Samsung Techwin America VP of Sales and Marketing.

“With the BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System’s visual and audio advancements, we’re reaffirming our commitment to providing users with unmatched convenience and quality to ensure the safety of their children.”

Advanced Features of  BrightVIEW Baby Video Monitoring System.

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Regarding the availability of the product, the company said  it is now available to purchase at Kohl’s, Target and buybuy BABY with a MAP of $229.99.

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