Samsung starts production of 250 GB SATA SSD for PC makers

Samsung Electronics announced that it started mass production of 250 GB SATA solid state drive (SSD) for global PC makers.
Samsung V-NAND SSDs for Client ComputingSamsung has reduced the mass production cycle by four months by launching a new generation of V-NAND in just 13 months.

The new V-NAND adds around 40-percent more cells to the previous 9x-layer single-stack structure.

Samsung has incorporated a speed-optimized circuit design that allows it to achieve the fastest data transfer speed, at below 450 microseconds (μs) for write operations and below 45μs for reads. This represents a more than 10-percent improvement in performance, while power consumption is reduced by more than 15 percent.

Samsung will be able to offer next-generation V-NAND solutions with over 300 layers by mounting three of the current stacks.

The number of channel holes required to create a 256Gb chip density has decreased to 670 million holes from over 930 million with the previous generation, enabling reduced chip sizes and less process steps. This brings a more than 20-percent improvement in manufacturing productivity.

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