Samsung starts mass production of 2nd Gen 14Nanometer FinFET Logic Process Tech

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Samsung Electronics started mass production of advanced logic chips utilizing its 14nm LPP (Low-Power Plus) process.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor uses Samsung’s new 14nm LPP process and is expected to be in devices in the first half of this year.

“We are pleased to start production of our industry-leading, 2nd generation 14nm FinFET process technology that delivers the highest level of performance and power efficiency,” said Charlie Bae, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, System LSI Business, Samsung Electronics.

“Samsung will continue to offer derivative processes of its advanced 14nm FinFET technology to maintain our technology leadership.”

In a press statement, the company said, incorporating three-dimensional (3D) FinFET structure on transistors enables significant performance boost and low power consumption.

Samsung’s new 14nm LPP process delivers up to 15 percent higher speed and 15 percent less power consumption over the previous 14nm LPE process through improvements in transistor structure and process optimization.

In addition, use of fully-depleted FinFET transistors brings enhanced manufacturing capabilities to overcome scaling limitations.

Samsung said the 14nm FinFET process is considered to be one of the most optimized solutions for mobile and IoT applications and is expected to meet growing market demand for a wide range of high performance and power efficient applications from network to automotive.

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