Samsung launches SE-B18AB optical disc drive (ODD)

Samsung Electronics announced launch of the SE-B18AB optical disc drive (ODD).

The new slot-in, slim portable DVD writerprovides a metallic-finished surface which nicely matches today’s slim laptop designs, said Samsung in a statement.

The slot-in system of SE-B18AB, a laptop companion, allows easier loading and unloading of discs. Without the need to open or close the tray, the drive will swallow the disc automatically. A simple push of a button will eject the inserted disc.

For laptop users who cannot afford extra USB ports for an additional source of power, the Smart Power Technology helps reduce power consumption.

Samsung launches SE-B18AB optical disc drive (ODD)

An AV Connectivity tool allows the SE-B18AB to function as a portable data storage device when it is connected to USB-connectable tablets.

In addition, the SE-B18AB comes with Smart Archive Technology which helps store personal data safe and sound. SE-B18AB follows the standard DVD format, making it compatible with archival discs (ISO10995 standard) and qualified normal discs.

The drive works on operating systems, including Windows 8 and the latest Mac OS versions, and is capable of reading and writing files at a variety of speeds across different data media types. Using Buffer Under Run technology, the drive works to prevent errors that result from writing speeds that can exceed data transfer speeds, while also enabling PC multi-tasking.

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