Samsung launches Galaxy Tab A and Tab E tablets in India

Samsung Electronics has launched two new tablets in India, Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab E which supports voice-calling capability.

Galaxy Tab A is a 4G-LTE enabled and supports multiple frequency bands for both FDD and TDD modes. The new tablet can automatically adjust the color gamut, contrast and sharpness on the screen.

Samsung said Galaxy Tab A has 4:3 aspect ratio and rich Adaptive Display which ensures an optimal viewing experience. Users can view 20 percent more material for web pages and 30 percent more in composing long emails and SNS messages.

Tab A is thin with 7.5mm and weighs 320 grams which offers mobility, style and usability.

While, Tab E is 8.5mm slim and weighs 495 grams. Its 16:10 ratio is made for consumption of multimedia content. Users can watch movies and play games and can multi-task with ease as it allows access to two apps at the same time.

The company said Tab E has special feature, ‘Kids Mode’ which motivates children to use the tablet to explore, create and have fun.

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Galaxy Tab A and Tab E has enhanced camera features which allow users to take continuous shots.

According to Samsung, both tablets incorporate expandable memory up to a massive 128GB, which allows users to maintain a library of information and entertainment content for access, storage, backup and sharing.

For better usability Samsung has upgraded the new UX in both Tab A and Tab E which allows user to view and select favorite apps.

Samsung is offering Galaxy Tab A for Rs 20,500 and Galaxy Tab E for Rs 16,900. Galaxy E will be available on Flipkart.

Last month, Samsung enhanced its microSD card portfolio by adding PRO Plus and EVO Plus, the latest memory cards to address consumer need for advanced multimedia memory solutions.

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