Samsung Galaxy smartphones join Android Enterprise Recommended program

Google announced it has added Samsung Galaxy smartphones and other devices into its Android Enterprise Recommended programme.
The development assumes significance because South Korea-based Samsung is aiming to strengthen its relationship with CIO community and business houses for selling its high-end smartphones.

Select Galaxy devices running Google Android 11 and above, such as the S20, Note20, Tab S7|S7+, and ruggedized devices including the XCover Pro will become a part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program.

The Android enterprise programme has become a critical tool for enterprise customers, helping them easily evaluate and approve devices that meet Google’s requirements for hardware, software and updates.

Since the initial introduction with seven device manufacturers, Google has expanded the program to more than 30 partners, most recently adding devices from manufacturers such as Lenovo, OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

According to IDC senior research analyst Bryan Bassett, 84 percent of US IT decision makers are planning to invest more in mobility as a result of the current business climate.

Business software major SAP says Google’s validated devices establish a baseline and SAP can rely on for quality and consistency in their mobility programs.

“Android Enterprise Recommended helped SAP to find Android devices that meet security, technology, total cost of ownership approach and provided a range of devices to meet our users’ needs,” Christian Lohde, Enterprise IT Architecture Manager with SAP, said.

This year, Google has rolled out updates to the requirements for Android 11 that focus on tighter hardware specifications, improved testing and more transparency around device update support. The new requirements will be reflected in the updated Android Enterprise Solutions Directory to help customers identify devices best suited to their needs.

With announcement today that Android zero-touch enrollment is now available on all 9.0+ devices, customers have an additional option to deploy Samsung Galaxy devices in addition to Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Samsung has been a key player in the mobile enterprise space for many years. Google will recommend Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets to enterprise customers to provide them with great devices for security, efficiency and productivity, said Bernie Hsu, head of Android Enterprise Device Partnerships.

“By joining the Android Enterprise Recommended program, we are making it even easier for enterprise customers to build a mobile experience that protects employees, keeps them engaged and enhances operational efficiency by meeting and exceeding Google’s standards for security, productivity and flexibility,” said KC Choi, EVP and head of Global Mobile B2B Team, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

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