Samsung expands New York facility to show enterprise mobile solutions

Samsung has expanded its New York City facility to showcase its enterprise mobile solutions, and will serve as the home office for the company’s Brand Marketing Team.

The Marketing Center of Excellence will lead the company’s digital, creative and social media programs while the Enterprise Customer Briefing Center will focus on serving New York commercial and institutional customers, said Samsung.

Samsung expands New York facility

Gregory Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America, said: “The new, cutting-edge Samsung office in the Meatpacking District will help guarantee that our business is closer to some of our important customers, an innovation-minded workforce, and other key stakeholders for our businesses.”

Samsung said it has recently reinvested in its Dallas, TX facility and is nearing completion on a research facility in Mountain View, CA and a regional headquarters office for its components business in San Jose, CA.

The 837 Washington Street location will be Samsung’s Manhattan office and will play a central role in developing, attracting and retaining talent in New York City. The building is currently under construction and will open later this year.

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