Ricoh unveils critical communications software and services portfolio for Print Service Providers

Infotech Lead Europe: Ricoh’s Critical Communications software and services portfolio was shown for the first time at Hunkeler Innovation days in Lucerne, Switzerland from February 11-15, 2013.

Ricoh’s solutions will offer print service providers a choice of applications and tools to help increase operational integrity and quickly deliver compliance-driven output. It is designed to handle the growing number of print jobs subject to regulation, where every element must be perfect, and output must be tracked and reported.

The first module to be shown is Track and Trace, a feature of DocEnhancer, which will empower small to mid-sized printers with one streamlined package to bring the functionality of piece-level workflow into their operations. Printrs will be able to barcode and scan every printed piece and create a report showing that every piece was produced correctly, while also allowing control over every other part of the entire production print process.

Precise tracking capabilities will allow printers to easily pinpoint errors in jobs, jobs requiring manual intervention, or documents that need to be reprinted due to downstream finishing issues. Leveraging the native PDF capabilities of Ricoh ProcessDirector Express enables the Critical Communications portfolio to make the job easier for printers by providing solutions that were originally only available to large transactional printers. This will help them a lot as regulations continue to tighten.

Theresa Lang, vice president, solutions and services, Ricoh, said, “Print providers are looking to expand their businesses and take on more work from their customers but they may not have the necessary tools to meet compliance and print integrity requirements of such jobs as federal regulation letters, explanation of health benefits, or lottery tickets.”

Ricoh was listed as a Top 10 Managed Print Services (MPS) provider by Gartner in 2012, ranked by their estimated worldwide revenue of 2011.

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