ReStor Delhi unit to repair 10,000 HDD / SSD drives per month

ReStor, India’s first facility in Delhi for testing and repairing hard disk drives and solid-state drives, will target to service about 10,000 drives per month within the next 9 to 12 months.

After 12 months, ReStor, a unit of dStor Technologies, will expand the facility to other key metros.

At the ReStor facility, the company offers a variety of services related to rehabilitation of drives/Data, including: repair and restoration, data recovery, customized support for field-returns, RMA management and, secure-erase, etc.

Test runs at his centre have enabled them to revive up to 50 per cent of the defective drives received.

The facility incorporates a sterile clean room type environment with electro-static discharge (ESD) safe set-up, a combination of indigenously developed testing bays/racks and imported diagnostics jigs.

Sharad Srivastava, founder-director of dStor Technologies, says most in-warranty faulty drives are exported out of the country for repair, while out-of-warranty drives are largely junked.

The ReStor HDD and SSD recertification/refurbishment initiative aims to help the green cause by facilitating reduction of e-waste.

According to CyberMedia Research, there are approximately 68 million currently active installed drives in the country and their average active life is about five years.

However, a large proportion can enjoy an extended life with proper care and restoration. Also, other estimates say that about 80,000 drives fail every month in the country, while their warranty is still active.

“While AMC providers, and systems integrators will be able to cut down on support cost beyond manufacturer warranty. ReStor can help derive substantial financial value to manufacturers and AMC providers from these services,” Srivastava said.

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