Pudu Robotics Celebrates Milestone of 70,000 Units Shipped and Global Expansion

Pudu Robotics, a leader in robot development and China’s leading exporter in this sector, has marked a significant milestone by shipping nearly 70,000 units as of August 2023. This achievement was confirmed by the “China Service Robot Industry Research” report published in October by EO Intelligence of EqualOcean.
Pudu RoboticsThe global reach of Pudu Robotics has expanded, with substantial sales stemming from key markets including Japan, South Korea, the U.S., and Germany. Encompassing over 600 cities in 60 countries and regions, the brand has solidified its position as one of the world’s largest service robot manufacturers.

Pudu Robotics anchors its success on two primary product lines: delivery robots and cleaning robots. These offerings form a robust foundation, boasting a diverse portfolio that caters to a wide array of consumer needs. BellaBot, the delivery robot, and PUDU CC1, the cleaning robot, have garnered praise from international customers for their superior performance and user-friendly designs.

A substantial investment in research and development has empowered Pudu Robotics to independently create four core components and tackle comprehensive algorithm development for mobile robots. This technological prowess includes PUDU OS, PUDU Open Platform, PUDU VSLAM+, and more.

Pudu Robotics offers comprehensive solutions that cater to varying needs across different industries. Their solutions find extensive application in food and beverage, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, and several other sectors, enabling customers to achieve automated, intelligent operations through software and services.

Felix Zhang, the visionary founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics, emphasizes the importance of a localized approach in their global strategy. He stated, “Going global is also about going local. We’re not selling standard products in the international market, but products, brand, and services that are closely related and inseparable from the local markets. Accelerating service robot export has always been one of Pudu Robotics’ key strategies, and by deeply cultivating the two main product lines of delivery and cleaning, we aim to fully satisfy the diversified needs of the market.”

Pudu Robotics stands at the forefront of the service robot industry, showcasing dedication to innovation, commitment to customer satisfaction, and a vision to further revolutionize the world of robotics. The company’s continual growth and global reach reinforce its standing as a pioneer in the realm of commercial service robots.