Plantronics promises new Blackwire 700 series users to connect to both PC and mobile phone

Infotech Lead America: Plantronics promises that its new Blackwire 700 series enables users to connect to both PC and mobile phone.

Plantronics Blackwire 700 series

The corded headset features Plantronics’ Smart Sensor technology that can pause music and route calls intuitively.

Besides connecting to a Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet, a detachable cable and integrated clothing clip allow users to take mobile call to-go with up to 10 hours of talk time.

“There are some big trends happening at work – people are working in open offices and people are bringing their own devices to work. This presents challenges such as privacy and multi-device connectivity. The Blackwire 700 is the industry’s first corded USB headset, designed for softphone calls and listening to music, that also allows people to take a mobile phone call on-the-go when privacy is desired,” said Amy Huson, senior director of enterprise marketing at Plantronics.

Sensors in the headset detect when the headset is being worn or not and enable features such as being able to answer a call by putting on the headset, or pause media such as iTunes or Pandora on your mobile device by taking it off. The headset also automatically routes the audio from the mobile phone to the headset whenever it’s put on—and vice versa.

Blacktop 500 will be available in November to US customers.

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