PhonePe Celebrates Milestone with Over Four mn SmartSpeakers Deployed Across India

PhonePe, a leading digital payment and financial technology company, has achieved a significant milestone by deploying over four million SmartSpeakers across India, marking the fastest deployment of such devices among offline merchants nationwide.
PhonePe SmartSpeakers
This achievement underscores the company’s commitment to digitizing micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and revolutionizing the payment experience for merchants.

PhonePe’s SmartSpeakers have gained widespread adoption due to their ability to validate customer payments seamlessly, without requiring any manual intervention. The rapid speed of audio confirmations has played a pivotal role in building trust and reliability among the 36 million merchants on the PhonePe platform, spanning across 19,000 postal codes in India.

In its mission to digitize MSMEs across the country, PhonePe offers a comprehensive suite of services to offline merchants, including its SmartSpeaker devices, which were launched just a year ago. PhonePe has consistently customized its offerings to meet unique merchant requirements, including the introduction of vernacular voice notifications and the industry-first celebrity voice feature featuring iconic Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan.

The strong preference among merchants for PhonePe’s SmartSpeakers has led to the deployment of over four million devices, enabling the validation of a staggering 1 billion monthly transactions nationwide.

Key features that set PhonePe’s SmartSpeakers apart in the market include their portability, best-in-class battery life, exceptional audio clarity even in noisy environments, and a compact and versatile form factor that allows merchants to use them even in congested counter spaces. Previously, merchants using feature phones relied heavily on SMS for payment validation, but the introduction of PhonePe SmartSpeakers has significantly streamlined their payment validation experience.

PhonePe SmartSpeakers offer voice payment notifications in multiple Indian languages, boasting up to four days of battery life, dedicated data connectivity, an LED battery level indicator for user convenience, audio alerts for low battery levels, and a dedicated replay button for the last transaction.

By providing such convenience to merchants, PhonePe is witnessing the successful adoption of its SmartSpeakers in the market, ultimately driving the increase in digital payments and supporting India’s transition towards a more digital economy. This achievement highlights PhonePe’s dedication to providing innovative solutions that enhance the payment experience for businesses and consumers alike.

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