Philippine PC Market Set to Bounce Back in 2024, Led by Education Sector, Reports IDC

According to forecasts from the International Data Corporation (IDC), the Philippine PC market is poised for a significant rebound in 2024, with shipments expected to surge by 26.5 percent. The resurgence in growth is attributed primarily to the education sector’s robust demand.
PC market in Philippines in 2023 IDC reportOver 490,000 laptops will be distributed to the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) through multiple deals that have been announced since the latter part of the preceding year, IDC said.

Philippine PC market in 2023

In 2023, however, the Philippine PC market experienced a decline of 24.2 percent year-on-year, with total shipments amounting to 1.89 million units.

Despite a 10.5 percent annual increase recorded in the fourth quarter of 2023, the overall PC market witnessed a substantial downturn throughout the year. The decline was primarily attributed to low demand in the market during the first half of the year, followed by vendors focusing on inventory management in the latter half.

The government sector encountered procurement-related challenges in the first half of 2023, resulting in decreased purchases. However, the resolution of these issues led to a surge in deals during the latter part of the year.

In contrast, the private sector remained cautious in its purchasing decisions, reflecting a negative outlook for the year. This cautious sentiment extended to the consumer market, where demand dwindled alongside a decelerating trend in household spending, IDC said.

While vendors are managing inventory levels cautiously, they are expected to remain vigilant amidst economic uncertainties and subdued demand.

In terms of PC market share in the Philippines, Acer led the pack in 2023 with a 26.5 percent share, followed by Lenovo (21.5 percent), HP (12.8 percent), Asus (10.2 percent), Dell (7.6 percent), and others (21.3 percent).

Despite the challenging market conditions, both HP Inc. and Lenovo saw their shares grow, particularly in the commercial segment. Acer maintained its leading position with consistent demand from the consumer segment, IDC said. News Desk

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