Panasonic launches SIP cordless phone system

Panasonic System Communications has launched a new SIP cordless phone system optimized for small businesses, KX-TGP600.

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, KX-TGP600 offers advanced features, simplified installation and maintenance, flexibility and is an ideal communication solution.

The new solution supports up to eight phone numbers, eight simultaneous calls and a variety of corded and cordless handset options.

The company said new SIP cordless phone system is easy-to-manage which provides high-quality and cost effective mobility solution to SMBs.

In addition, KX-TGP600 offers HD voice support and advanced noise reduction functionality while remote configuration settings and handset management provides easy setup and maintenance for customers.

The newly launched system is compatible with a variety of corded and cordless handset options and provides flexible communication system.

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According to Panasonic, KX-TGP600 eliminates fading that may occur with conventional cordless phones when moving around in locations with metallic ceilings or walls.

Panasonic has launched Standard Cordless Phone (KX-TPA60), Desktop DECT phone (KX-TPA65), Cordless Rugged Phone (KX-UDT131) and Cordless Compact Phone (KX-UDT121).

The KX-TGP600 system includes a base station and one KX-TPA60 standard cordless handset with charger.

The KX-TGP600 is available for $199, KX-TPA60 for $109, desktop DECT phone KX-TPA65 for $159, KX-UDT131 for $379 and KX-UDT121 for $279.

“The combination of quality, flexibility and overall low-cost make the KX-TGP600 one of the best SIP phone systems we’ve brought to market to-date,” said Kim Murtagh, senior product manager for Unified Communications, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America.

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