Panasonic launches i-PRO SmartHD Solutions

panasonic cctv

Panasonic  launched Panasonic i-Pro SmartHD CCTV camera products in India on Tuesday.

The company said the new products  are developed in view of the rising incidents of crime and public security threats.

Panasonic claimed that the range of i-Pro SmartHD CCTV cameras provide high resolution and high visibility images regardless of environmental conditions. The products come in with 18 wide-angled, low-distortion models and are resistant to blind spots.

The cameras of new products are clear-sight coated, meaning it has the ability to remove factors that hinder vision such as rain, mist, and snow. Moreover, the LED enabled devices can highlight objects in surroundings with low-level illumination.


The latest range of products are sensitive to changing dynamics in the environment, with features such as auto tracking and scene change detection, which detect abnormal situations and scrutinize suspicious movement without human monitoring and immediately notify the control center.

Panasonic has also installed facial-recognition analytics software in these products, which will perform face matching and searching functions. Moreover, these devices can be remotely monitored on smartphones and tablets via the Panasonic Security Viewer app available on both Android and iOS.


Furthermore, Panasonic’s i-Pro transit solutions equip buses, trains, and airports for both indoor and outdoor surveillance with the power to provide 360° panoramic views and multiple-device transmission.

panasonic cctv

Last month, Panasonic launched a new technology called Smart Coding to enhance the encoding algorithm in standard H.264 video streams.

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