Microsoft Windows 7 will not get technical updates from 2020

Microsoft India on Wednesday said its Windows 7 operating system will not get security and technical updates from January 14, 2020 onwards. Microsoft India said that the users should shift to its latest software.
Microsoft India Farhana HaqueMicrosoft also said that it is working with computer manufacturing companies like Dell and HP for making devices available at affordable prices and also working on options to roll out buyback or exchange offers, PTI reported.

“Support for Windows 7 will close on January 14, 2020. This means that after this, the operating system will not get security and technical updates. So, the risk of using the computer devices running on it will increase,” Group Director of Microsoft India Farhana Haque said at a press conference.

The consumers should buy Windows 10 based personal computers (PC), laptops or tablets in such a situation, which are more secure with updated features.

Farhana Haque said MSMEs in India spend Rs 93,500 on an average to maintain a computer which is over four-year-old, whereas the cost of maintenance is enough to replace it with three or more modern PCs.

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