Microsoft to supply 5,800 Surface 2 tablets to CDI College Canada

Microsoft today said it will supply more than 5,800 Surface 2 tablets to CDI College, a career training institution in Canada.

Surface 2 tablets will be one of the tools for students and faculty to facilitate the digital educational experience across all of its campuses, said Microsoft in a blog post.

CDI College recently completed a pilot program at its Ajax, Ontario, campus and is currently running another pilot program at the Surrey, British Columbia, campus.

Surface 2 tablet

Students used their Surface devices to access the college’s Learning Management System, course materials and assignments online; access and read their e-books; communicate with faculty and fellow students through email, chat and Skype; save and share files with OneDrive or with the integrated USB 3.0 port; use Office 2013 to complete class assignments and activities and submit assignments for classes and real-time peer review.

Microsoft said healthcare students can use Windows 8 RT anatomy apps to study anatomy and physiology.

Students in the business administrative and accounting programs can create reports, spreadsheets and presentations using the Office RT Suite.

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