Logitech launches optical gaming mouse G400 in India

Infotech Lead India: Logitech has launched Optical Gaming Mouse G400 in India.


The new optical gaming mouse features optical sensor and on-the-fly sensitivity switching. Moreover, it offers a 3600 dpi optical sensor.


The LogitechO Optical Gaming Mouse G400 is priced at INR 2095.


The Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 provides precise tracking enabling users to navigate more accurately, while the sensitivity switching lets switch among four separate dpi levels – from 400 to 3600.


The mouse is capable of communicating over USB at 1000 reports per second. Users get consistent tracking at any hand speed.


As compared to 5+ percent cursor movement offered by many other sensors, the G400 boasts a cursor movement of <0.5 percent, which means that your hand movements translate to the same amount of cursor movement.


“Logitech believes in providing improved consumer experience, aimed towards enabling consumers to enjoy being absorbed in the digital world, while at the same time aiding our customers to work smarter and better. The G400 is yet another example of the seamless integration of our world-class product design and technology. It is specifically engineered for people who prefer to work smarter and play better as every feature is designed to offer the precision you need for complete control,” said Subrotah Biswas, country manager of Logitech India and South West Asia.


The Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400’s classic, natural shape supports users’ hand, and reduces discomfort. Its durable construction gives users buttons rated up to 10 million clicks and feet tested to 500 km, so that users can work and play hard for a long time.


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