Local PC makers’ emergence in global devices market

A number of local PC makers — Tongfang and Haier of China, Brazilian PC vendor Positivo, Canaima of Venezuelan — are emerging in several countries and globally.

This is despite a significant dip in global PC shipments in the third quarter of 2013.

IDC shared a number of local PC makers list.

One such PC vendor is Tongfang, which was ranked 12 in global PC growth in 2013 through August with shipments increasing 10 percent from a year ago. During the same period, global PC shipments declined 12 percent.

IDC says Tongfang has focused on the commercial desktop market in China, which represents over half of the company’s shipments compared to less than 30 percent globally. In August, Tongfang shipments were up 34 percent from a year ago.


“Despite slower overall PC shipments in China, the commercial market and segments like education and government in particular continue to see significant demand, including revival of some delayed projects,” said Antonio Wang, associate director – Client System Research, IDC China.

Brazilian vendor Positivo, which has been ranked 11 in global PC shipments in 2013, led the top vendors in PC growth during the first half of 2013.

Its June and July shipments remained strong, growing on top of a substantial jump in commercial portable volume a year ago. However, Positivo’s August growth took a substantial drop, pulling year-to-date growth down to single digits behind only Tongfang. Some of the volatility in Positivo shipments is due to bids in the education and government segments.

Other local PC vendors, which are growing faster than the rest of the top 15 global players, include: Canaima – a Venezuelan educational program reaching number 14 globally, which is shipping portable PCs to students. Haier – a Chinese vendor reaching number 13 globally, which has traditionally focused on the consumer market, but has a rapidly expanding commercial business as well.

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