LG prices 19.5 inch PC monitor at Rs 6,900

Infotech Lead Asia: Korean electronics giant LG has launched its 19.5 inch PC monitor – at a price of Rs 6,900 — in India.

The new launch is an effort to increase its market share in th stand alone monitor market in India.

LG on Thursday said it hopes to capture 30 percent market share from the stand-alone monitor market and establish product leadership in the monitor category.

According to CMR, LG has 24.4 percent market share in stand-alone Monitor market in India.

LG prices 19.5 inch PC monitor at Rs 6,900

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For LG, this is a new category in the monitors segment. PC Monitor 20EN33TS will enhance the visual experience and provide great value for money to consumers.

The distinctive 19.5 inch (49.53 cm) 20EN33TS will replace the existing 18.5” (46.99cm) E1942C model.

Sanjoy Bhattacharya, IT Head, LG India, said: “This is a path breaking move from LG to introduce a new standard in PC monitor size and technology to provide better customer satisfaction.”

This category contributes 50 percent sales to the over-all PC Monitor segment and now, with the introduction of the 19.5” 20EN33TS, LG aims to increase the category presence to 55 percent.

LG line up will have an array of screen sizes for consumers to choose from.

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