Lenovo updates Thinkpad and PCs for SMEs

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Chinese PC maker Lenovo on Tuesday launched its latest laptops and desktops specifically designed for the small and medium business (SMB). The new range includes ThinkPad E Series, updated Lenovo M, B and E line of laptops and S series desktops.

Lenovo claims that the ThinkPad E-Series, available with 14-inch and 15.6-inch anti-glare displays, offers remarkable performance, exceptional mobility and outstanding features for small business users.

The ThinkPad E-Series, powered by latest Intel or AMD processors, is said to have a battery life of up to nine hours, up to 16 GB of memory and solid state storage for increased muscle and efficiency. It also carries flexible ports including three USB3, one HDMI and a Gigabit Ethernet. The ThinkPad E560 features an Intel RealSense Technology 3D camera.

The price of ThinkPad E460 will be $549, while E465 will be priced at $449. At the same time, ThinkPad E560 will cost you $549, while the price of E565 will be $479.

Lenovo updated its desktops with latest Intel or AMD processors, solid state drives and discrete graphics in selected models and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The security features include Smart USB protection and Lenovo Bluetooth Lock.  The screen size of the desktop includes 9.5 inch and 21.5 inch or 23 inch full HD displays with optional touchscreen.

The company extended its M41 laptop with a 14-inch full HD IPS antiglare display, Intel Core i7 processor, discrete AMD Radeon R7 graphics, 16GB memory and solid state storage. Similarly, Lenovo E41 and E51 laptops come up with a 14 inch and 15.6 inch display respectively up to full HD.

“Our latest range of products designed for small businesses deliver on all fronts and offer customers peace of mind with class-leading security features, renowned reliability and performance options giving them the freedom to work how they want,” said Dilip Bhatia, vice president PC design and marketing, Lenovo.

In August, Lenovo introduced two mobile workstations ThinkPad P50 and P70 aiming at high-end professionals in industries ranging from media and entertainment to oil and gas.

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