Lenovo taps SAS to improve sale of Yoga 11S convertible ultrabook

Infotech Lead Asia: PC maker Lenovo has tapped SAS to improve sale of its Yoga 11S convertible ultrabook.

Lenovo, the world’s second-largest PC manufacturer, selected SAS Visual Analytics to make sure its Yoga marketing programs drive optimal interest, engagement and sales.

SAS Visual Analytics will assist Lenovo to predict customer affinity for and interest in the Yoga 11S. The software solution will also assist in analyzing key sales drivers and develop multichannel attribution models to determine how to credit each marketing channel for a sale or lead.

“We knew the Yoga 11S has what it takes to be a success in this very competitive market but wanted to be sure the marketing campaigns made it optimally successful. Where did we need to invest to make the most of our marketing resources?” said Ajit Sivadasan, Lenovo’s Vice President and General Manager of Global E-Commerce, Sales and Marketing.

SAS Visual Analytics is precisely the type of tool that could likely extract insights to do near real-time optimization of the marketing programs from Lenovo’s complex, advanced marketing ecosystem.

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