Lenovo CEO announces new strategies and products

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing today announced the company’s new strategies at Lenovo Tech World in China.

The device vendor also announced many new products, demonstrated several breakthrough product concepts, while sharing insight on the future of the industry from the CEOs of Intel, Microsoft and Baidu.

Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO, Lenovo, said: “We will deliver innovation like we showed here today to solve problems and address customer pain points. We will bring together hardware software and services to transform the user experience. This is our vision, and we showed some glimpses of the next wave of Lenovo innovation here today.”

In his keynote address, Lenovo Chairman addressed five developing themes:

# Creating more natural ways to connect people with devices
# Building device and network connections that are reliable, seamless and ubiquitous
# Making devices interconnected for rich interactions
# Giving customers the power of big data and their own personal cloud
# Leveraging smart connectivity to let customers pick the services they want and create their own unique experiences

In addition to products available this year, Lenovo also gave an inside look at three of its upcoming research and technology projects.

Lenovo at Tech World in China
Lenovo announced the Magic View smartwatch concept – the first step to make more usable smartwatches. Magic View is the first smartwatch with two screens. The second screen – the virtual interactive display – removes the limitations from the physical dimensions of the main screen. It uses optical reflection to create a virtual image and allows users to see a virtual display more than 20 times larger than the watch face display.

Beyond wearables, Lenovo explained its solution to making smartphones more usable, more PC-like, by unveiling the Smart Cast concept product. Smart Cast gives users a smart phone with built-in laser projector, infrared motion detector and high-performance algorithms.

Lenovo also demonstrated its Smart Shoes concept – one of its Internet of Things (IoT) products that leverages the cloud to tie together hardware, software and applications in a new way. The smart shoes display a person’s mood on its screen as well as track and analyze fitness data including heart beats and caloric consumption and even provide maps and directions to places.

Lenovo announced the new ThinkPad 10, a tablet that elevates computing for mobile professionals. The tablet includes the new ThinkPad Pen Pro, giving users accuracy and business-class security for better data protection.

Lenovo announced a new software feature that ties together speech and writing technology for a better user experience on the YOGA Tablet 2 8-in Android with AnyPen for Manadarin. Until now, voice input of Chinese names has been a challenging task given there are nearly 7,000 commonly used characters and only 50 without a homonym.

Lenovo demonstrated Cortana and REACHit in collaboration with Microsoft. Cortana is the personal digital assistant available across Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones that allows users to talk or type naturally to get things done. REACHit extends the search capabilities of Cortana to non-Microsoft services.

Lenovo also announced the new Lenovo Storage S2200 and S3200 storage arrays.

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