Kingston FURY now brings overclockable server-class DDR5

Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMMKingston FURY, a division of Kingston Technology Company, has expanded its DDR5 memory lineup with the launch of Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM.

The new overclockable server-class memory module is designed to meet the high computing demands of next-generation workstations and high-end desktops.

For platforms that require DDR5 Registered DIMMs, Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMMs deliver the high bandwidth and increased reliability needed by creators, engineers, and data science professionals to handle the workload demands of the latest applications. They do this without compromising the data integrity and superior quality grade found in server-class memory.

DDR5 Registered DIMMs feature on-die ECC integrated into the DRAM memory component and support module-level ECC, which can detect and correct multi-bit errors. With Plug N Play at 4800MT/s, users of Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMMs can automatically overclock without having to fiddle with settings. Alternatively, they can select from one of the four and eight-channel kits certified by Intel XMP 3.0 and qualified by the motherboard, with speeds of up to 6000MT/s and factory-tuned timings, speeds, and voltage.

Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMMs are available in single-module capacities up to 32GB, kits of 4 up to 128GB, and kits of 8 up to 256GB.

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