Jabra eyes big in India with Jabra SUPREME UC headset for mobile worker

Jabra SUPREME UC headsets

Infotech Lead India: Eying the increasing number of mobile workforce in India, Bluetooth headset specialist Jabra has unveiled the latest Jabra SUPREME UC headsets in India.

Priced at Rs 11,000, Jabra SUPREME UC headsets is a high-end mobile accessory intended for the quality conscious mobile worker community. Despite concerns about its acceptance among the middle class mobile user community, Jabra is optimistic about the future of this mobile accessory in India.

According to Ralph Ede, managing director – South Asia, Jabra, Indian consumers are increasingly becoming quality conscious and this trend  has encouraged the company to launch the product in India.

Considering the diverse geography in India, Jabra has adopted the channel partner model to distribute the headsets in India. The company has signed Redington India as one of its channel partners. The wireless headsets may also be available as part of bundled offers — with hardware (laptops, tablets, etc) or software (Microsoft UC software client, Avaya client, etc.) — at the distributor level. Jabra also has plans to offer the headsets through e-commerce platforms.

Jabra claims SUPREME UC headsets rank better than its counterparts from leading mobile device makers. Compared to the headsets offered by mobile manufacturers, Jabra has an extra edge because the company is solely focusing on Bluetooth and wireless communications accessories and a lot of research is being done to improve the quality of the headsets,  Ede said.

The new Jabra SUPREME UC headsets are designed to eliminate all ‘discomforts’ on your ear. The headset comes with flexible ear hooks that can be comfortably fitted to any type of ear. The active noise cancellation technology, combined with Noise Blackout 3.0, insulates the background noise completely. Easy-to-use headset controls, voice and guidance control, softphone call control, patented flip-boom arm and battery status display are some of its other noteworthy features. The SUPREME UC headset is the first non-stereo headset to incorporate Active Noise Cancellation to block out noisy environments for the user wearing the headset.

Announcing the launch of Jabra SUPREME UC headsets in Delhi, Ralph Ede, managing director – South Asia, Jabra, said, “As the workforce continues to move towards mobility, both inside and outside of the office, Jabra is focusing on making communicating on the go as productive and seamless as possible.”

“The mobile worker is a key customer of ours, and we want to be sure we are offering products that keep them connected wherever, and however, they please,” Ede said.

Jabra SUPREME UC makes wireless communication possible from anywhere to everywhere. The headset is compatible with leading UC applications from Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Skype and others. The headset can be connected to more than ten devices — including smartphones, PCs, laptops and tablets– at anytime, making collaboration and communication easier than before.

The wireless headset comes with a nano Bluetooth USB adapter, which makes it possible to connect to PCs and use the headset for internet calls/softphones, along with traditional mobile phone calls. The headset is pre-paired with the USB adapter, making the Jabra SUPREME UC a truly plug and play solution.

The market for UC headsets is highly lucrative. According to Jabra, UC headsets accounts for 7.3 percent of total CC&O headsets shipped in 2010. This share is estimated to reach 50.5 in 2017. Jabra has aggressive plans to compete in the rapidly growing Indian mobile market. Jabra is also eying big in the call center market. The company is planning to launch a corded headset for the call center market in India later this year, Ede said.

Jabra offers a wide range of headsets exclusively designed for the call center market. According to a recent survey conducted by Jabra on call center managers, distracting sounds that break the concentration of a contact center agent are an issue within both outbound and inbound contact centers.

Reducing background noise is especially crucial for large contact centers with 500 or more agents.

Ninety five percent of these managers were acutely aware of sound disturbances and, in addition to helping reduce the background noise, have chosen to implement headsets with noise cancellation features in order to optimize the sound quality of conversations.


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