Jabra Evolve offers Call Transfer for Skype for Business

Jabra has upgraded Jabra Evolve with Inteligent Call Transfer for Skype for Business.

Jabra Evolve professional noise cancellation handsets support both the collaboration and concentration needs of knowledge workers in open office environments.

Jabra Evolve will support call transfer from a Skype for Business desktop-based softphone call to a smartphone.
User need to un-plug the 3.5mm stereo jack stick from its control unit to transfer the call to the user’s mobile phone using Evolve 40 and 80.

Company officials said user can then insert the 3.5mm jack into the smartphone to continue the conversation or even continue the conversation using a Jabra Bluetooth headset. With the Jabra Evolve the user experiences quality conversation and service.
Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer allows end-users to keep the headset on, and the conversation going while moving the call from softphone to mobile.

“The Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer upgrade for Skype for Business, extends end-user confidence of being in control of their device environment as they bring their ‘concentration zone’ with them,” said Holger Reisinger, Jabra Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products, Alliances and Global Accounts.

Few days ago, Jabra updated Jabra BIZ 2400II premium headset and the LINK 860 digital amplifier.

In February, Jabra and Esna Technologies collaborated to provide a solution that enables full call control directly from the Jabra headset for customers’ usingEsna iLink for Cisco Jabber.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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