Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series promises to lower TCO

Targeting enterprise employees, Intel announced the Intel Solid-State Drive (SSD) Professional Family, including the Intel Solid-State Drive Pro 1500 Series.

The new SSD initiative is aimed at the modern business employee who is increasingly mobile and works in multiple environments.

Business professionals will benefit as the new business-class SSDs are engineered specifically for easy IT deployment and secure manageability, and offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with enhanced performance, Intel said on Monday.

Benefits of Intel SSDs

J Gold Associatessays migrating to SSD-based PCs can improve employee productivity by as much as 13 percent.


Enterprises will benefit from the new Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series as it allows IT departments to increase employee uptime and reduce cost with its manageability and security features.

Intel claims that IntelStable Image Platform Program ensures that key drivers are in place and makes transitioning to the Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series simple and predictable. The ability to remotely manage assets and diagnose issues at the drive level means fewer deskside visits, so PC maintenance and repairs require less time.

In addition, Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series protects data from unauthorized access with security features, including hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption2 and industry-standard Opal key management protocols.

The Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series is designed to work with the 4th generation IntelCore processors with IntelvPro technology. Using the Intel Setup and Configuration Software, IT managers address problems before they arise by remotely managing devices and extracting drive diagnostics to proactively monitor storage health.

“Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series ensures employees have the flexibility, battery life and performance they need, while IT has the assurance data is secure and the device can be managed remotely. Tight integration with Intel vPro technology means we are able to deliver a complete solution for corporate business users,” said Rob Crooke, Intel corporate vice president and general manager for the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group.

Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series comes with new small form factors, such as M.2, featuring low-power modes that reduce idle power by more than 90 percent compared to HDDs. Smaller form factors and less power enable slimmer device profiles with long battery life, including Ultrabooks, 2-in-1 devices and traditional PCs.

Moreover, Intel SSDs offer reliability with annualized failure rates (AFR) well below 1 percent. The AFRs of other SSDs and HDDs may reach 5 percent or higher.

Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series is engineered to reduce drive failures costs and minimize employee downtime as a result of storage-related failures.

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