Intel kicks off build your own PC at Rs 16,990 campaign

Intel has announced it is working with Intel Technology Providers to create awareness among consumers and to teach them how to build a powerful PC for just Rs 16,990.

The company will also teach consumers to buy form factors like Next Unit of Computing (NUCs) and All-in-Ones (AIOs).

Intel will continue to work with local OEMs, ODMs and the ecosystem to bring relevant technology to the market across price points and contribute to the Government’s Make in India vision.

In addition, the company has also launched a social media campaign `#MyPcMyPride’ through which it wants to illustrate how today’s systems introduce a whole new computing experience with the help of better graphics, superior audio and higher power efficiency at affordable price points.

Intel will illustrate the computing experience by comparing to desktops from just five years ago.


In 2015, Intel will focus on desktop strategy to reinvigorate the category through compelling new products, reinvent the category through new form factors like the NUCs and portable AIOs and remodel the category through brand new usage models and experiences.

The company said, through its new campaign, it will communicate with consumers online to educate them about how they can assemble their own personal computer as per their needs and budget through the Intel Technology Providers.

“We are working with our OEM and ODM partners to grow desktop adoption in India, while driving technology transitions and form factor innovations in the form of NUCs, custom built PCs and AIOs,” said Rajiv Bhalla, director, Sales and Marketing for South Asia at Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

Last month, Intel launched an innovation challenge for academia, entrepreneurs, innovators and startups to realise ‘Digital India’ dream, in association with the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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