Intel intros two new processor brands, targeting PC buyers

Intel has announced the introduction of two new processor brands, Intel Core Ultra and Intel Core, starting with the upcoming Meteor Lake processors – targeting PC buyers.
Intel Core UltraThis move showcases Intel’s commitment to innovation and technological leadership, particularly in power efficiency and AI capabilities on a large scale.

Caitlin Anderson, Intel’s Vice President and General Manager of Client Computing Group Sales, expressed the company’s dedication to providing customers with the best technology options and highlighted the importance of the new branding structure in helping PC buyers distinguish between different Intel offerings.

The updated client branding structure includes several significant changes. Firstly, the introduction of the Intel Core Ultra processor brand caters to the most advanced client processors. Secondly, the Intel Core processor brand is simplified for mainstream client products. Thirdly, Intel will adopt a tiering system using the numbers 3, 5, 7, and 9 for their upcoming next-generation processors. Additionally, the Intel Evo Edition platform brand will evolve to accommodate Evo-verified designs. Lastly, Intel will introduce the Intel vPro Enterprise and Intel vPro Essentials device labels for relevant commercial systems.

Meteor Lake represents a pivotal moment in Intel’s client processor roadmap. It will be the first client processor manufactured using the new Intel 4 process node. Leveraging Foveros advanced 3D packaging technology, it will also be the first client chiplet design, offering improved power efficiency and graphics performance. Notably, Meteor Lake will be the first Intel client processor to incorporate a dedicated AI engine known as Intel AI Boost.

The new branding structure is strategically aligned with Intel’s future client technology roadmap. These changes aim to simplify the identification of suitable client solutions for customers within Intel’s extensive partner ecosystem. Importantly, the Intel Core brand, which has been a key player in the PC industry for nearly two decades, remains prominent and emphasized throughout this updated structure.