How India’s printer market performed in Q4 2017

Hardcopy Peripherals market India Q4 2017
India’s Hardcopy Peripherals (HCP) market posted 19 percent growth to reach 877,945 units in Q4 2017, said IDC.

IDC said brands from Japan have strengthened their position in the Indian market, capturing 48.6 percent, while US based brands have 41.4 percent share.
Inkjet shipments grew 19.3 percent to of 415,135 units.

Laser printers including copiers market rose 19 percent to 408,891 units.

Bani Johri, market analyst, IPDS, IDC India, said that the Government lowered the tax slab on Multi-Function Printers from 28 percent to 18 percent effective November 15, leading to increase in preference for MFPs post the slab change.

Ink tank printers, as part of the inkjet market, dominated the Indian HCP market with leading vendors focusing on home and SMB segment to drive shipments.

Laser printer vendors achieved a strong growth in the copier segment due to demand from BFSI sector and Government.

HP Inc. is the market leader in HCP space with 41.4 percent share and 11.8 percent growth. HP dominates the Indian Laser HCP (Printer-based) market with 54.2 percent share. HP is the second largest vendor in the inkjet market with 37.6 percent share.

Epson is leading the Indian Inkjet market with 45.1 percent share and unit shipments reaching 187,019 units. It achieved 28.3 percent growth in Inkjet shipments, due to the growth of its M-series models. Epson India’s channel penetration and focus on the home segment are the key factors contributing to its leadership in the inkjet category.

Canon achieved 25.3 percent growth. Canon is leading the laser printer market with a growth of 18.8 percent on the back of strong push by Canon in the Copier market, especially in the colour segment.

Canon retained its number one position in the copier market with 33.4 percent unit market share as a result of its strong sales through its direct channel to large enterprises. Canon achieved 36.8 percent growth in in the Inkjet market largely due to strong channel and market push.

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