Improving India’s offices through Managed Document Services

In today’s business scenario, ability to get the right information to the right person at the right time has become necessity for growth. When competition has become fierce, reducing and controlling costs is more important than ever. Making strategies to increase revenues or improve business processes, and not to include document management costs can be risky for any organization.

As much as we try to create paperless office, we can’t do away with the fact that documents are the “lifeblood of business”. It can get complicated and time-consuming, if documents are not managed in a centralized way. Employees can waste far too much time searching for or recreating information that already exists. And another disadvantage might be to have complicated and cumbersome document processes that deliver information too late, inaccurately, or not at all. If key information related to business intelligence and strategic planning is buried in the wrong form, it’s useless. No matter where they work, today’s workers can’t excel without the systems and processes to best manage information for them.


AT Rajan, Ricoh India
AT Rajan, Ricoh India

Managed Document Services encompass the three fundamental elements of document management: capture (the creation of information), transform (how information moves around a business) and manage (processing information in a way to add business value). Before deploying Managed Document Services, a thorough study of your business is required, how print and electronic information are used and stored.

By analyzingthe devices and printed information, solution works to optimize the infrastructure to make sure the employees have the right support to do their jobs effectively.  Then details of user input and output behavior are checked.Printing management technologies are applied to maximize productivity, eliminate waste and costs, and govern the information.  Lastly,a careful check on related information security issues, the process is optimized to make them more efficient and effective.

Besides dramatically reducing operating and management costs, MDS gives your employees rapid access to your information resources, empowering them to process information more efficiently. By relieving you of the burden of document management, MDS frees you up to focus on your core business. As a result, productivity is enhanced.

Enterprises spend more than $30 billion annually in managed document services, andgrowth rates are in the double digits. Vendors are investing heavily to compete by enhancing capabilities to improve the efficiency of delivering document services and ensure optimal savings. But they also offer value-added services designed to align with their customers’ strategic initiatives involving document-intensive business processes with a focus on increased productivity, stakeholder satisfaction, and better business outcomes.


To rise above the challenges and gain a competitive edge, you need to harness the power of your information so that you can get following benefits


Respond Faster for Better Customer Satisfaction

Streamlining document processes helps customer-facing employees handle tasks with ease, and enables them to deliver the kind of personalized service. According to a recent Forrester global study, decision-makers (79 percent) and individual contributors (89 percent) all admit that there’s a gap between the customer experience they can deliver and what the customer wants.


Get More Value out of Information

Managed document service is all about moving information freely throughout the entire organization. When you’ve made information available, adaptable, searchable, intelligible, portable and reusable, you have enhanced your ability to satisfy employees and customers, preempt competitors and run your business more profitably.


Get the Best Return on Your Investment 

Increased productivity resulting from improved processes can yield financial rewards for your organization.  For example; identifying bottlenecks wastage, production flow, trends and resource usage for your printed documents.


Cost Cutting and Control

Achieve greater control over print output and costs by tailoring our service to company’s needs. Detailed and accurate reports on your organization’s printing costs can be sourced. Monitor allthe costs for procurement, usage and disposal of suppliesat central point including trouble shooting and up-gradation and management of devices. IT resources can be freed from managing your fleet and documents.


Efficiency and Sustainability

Attain better control and correct use of supplies such as toners and paper. Employees can learn how to optimize use of equipment and retain this knowledge via a single provider. Increase print fleet in line with business change. Organization can switch to a more environmental friendly print technology


Risk Reduction

The Downtime risks are reduced to ensure maximum business productivity.Reliable and predictable cost-per-print, instead of having to spend more by procuring equipment or consumables individually.Enhanced security measures (only authorized documents may be printed)



The demands of an office print environment are ever increasing. With this bearing a heavy weight on an organization’s balance sheet, MDS will give an innovative approach to regain control over costs and to tackle issues in a rapidly-evolving information age. MDS also promote clear environmental benefits via reduced paper and energy usage. Organization’s overall business performance will be improved via MDS and its suite of features.

A.T Rajan

Chief marketing and strategy officer, Ricoh India Ltd.


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